The Legend of Chianti Classico Gallo Nero

The symbol of the black rooster tied to this wine

How is the black rooster born?

For wine producers, the black rooster on the bottle label is a real symbol, as it really represents a wine produced within the territory of Chianti, a Chianti Classico indeed.

It is said that many and many years ago, probably in the Middle Ages, the Republic of Florence and the Republic of Siena have always been bitter rivals, They decided to end the war to control the territory of Chianti through a competition that would establish its borders.

Chianti Classico Gallo Nero Leonardo Manetti

At the crow of the rooster, a knight for Florence and a knight for Siena, would go on horseback and the point of their meeting would become the border between the two Republics.

On the one hand the Sienese chose a white rooster that in the days before the race treated with gloves making him eat in abundance. On the other hand, the Florentines put in a cage a black rooster without food and water that, exasperated by hunger and thirst began to sing long before dawn, So the Florentine knight left with a big advantage compared to the Sienese one who with his belly full and relaxed, woke up calmly and sang at the first light of dawn.

So it was that the two knights met a few kilometers outside the city of Siena, near Fonterutoli and there was placed the

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